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Iron Making Refractories

Coke Oven
  • Silica Bricks, Semi-Silica Bricks
  • Mullite, Mullite-Silicon Carbide for Coke Dry Quenching
  • Fire Clay Bricks and Mortars
Hot Blast Furnace (HBS)
  • Silica and Fire Clay Bricks
  • Sillimanite-Mullite & Andalusite - Mullite Bricks
  • Low Creep High Alumina Bricks
  • Low Creep Fireclay Bricks
Blast Furnace (BF)
    BF Cast House Refractories
  • Tap Hole Clay
  • Trough Mixes
  • Trough Castables
  • Carbon & Graphite Ramming Mass
Hot Metal Transfer ladle (Torpedo Ladle)
  • Fireclay Bricks
  • Mullite Bricks
  • Alumina Silicon Carbide Carbon Series
  • Castables

primary steel Making Refractories

Basic Oxygen Furnace
  • Magnesia Carbon Refractory
  • Tap Hole Sleeves, Tap Hole Block
  • All Kind of Monolithics
Electric Arc Furnace
  • Magnesia Carbon Bricks – Hot Spot, Slag Line, Cold Spot
  • EBT Tap Assembly – Inner Sleeve, Outer Block, End Block
  • Precast Prefired Refractories
Secondary Steel Making Refractories
    Ladle refining Furnace (LRF)
    • Magnesia Carbon Bricks For Slag Zone, Metal Zone, Bottom, free Board
    • Alumins-Magnesia-carbon bricks for Metal Zone, Bottom, Impact Pad
    • RH Degasser (RHD)
    • Magnesia Chrome Bricks for Snorkels
Flow Control Refractories
  • Slide Plate, Collector Nozzle, inner Nozzle
  • Purging Plug, ladle Shrouds, Mono Block Stoppers
  • Dams, Baffles & Weirs, Impact Pads, Submerged Entry Shrouds
  • Tundish Submerged Entry Nozzle, Well Block