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Sino- Global Sourcing & Supply Limited (SGSSL) was established in the year 2005 in Hong Kong with the aim of being a reliable exporter of Refractory Materials and also other items which can be exported from mainland China.

It has been supplying materials worldwide, meeting the requirements of mainly steel, cement, glass and copper industries. However, we can also supply various other items as per customers need due to our good supply chain management. Our comprehensive product list explains about our core items that find way across the globe. SGSSL has tie-up with many renowned manufacturers with ISO accreditation for the range of products it exports to different countries to ensure the stringent quality requirements of its customers.

It also has a totally committed team of professionals to attend to your enquiries and ensure on-time delivery. Over decades of operational experience gained by top-notch professionals in sourcing industrial goods and raw materials, from China, global manufacturing hub and catering to the world marker, is the hallmark of SGSSL. Prudent knowledge of the material sources in China coupled with strategic positioning; SGSSL is a complete partner in endeavors towards making your cost-effective in this increasingly difficult business environment.

Forging long term strategic alliances and price contracts with reputed producers, we are hedged against price escalations and short supplies of the materials, if any. Continuous technical developments have earned our esteemed Clientele, optimum results with respect to material usage and service performances.